Friday, 4 March 2022

Major Alpha Draw update now live - automatically colour-code sample tags, import drawings, new arrow tools, and more

Alpha Draw is Alpha Tracker's companion site plan drawing app.  We've been working hard the last month or two and a major update is now live on the web and on the Google and Apple app stores.

Some of the improvements on show in Alpha Draw

Here are some of the improvements you'll see:

  • there are now 48 new arrows to use on drawings

  • you can attach text to an arrow to highlight the issue being identified

  • the surveyor can manually code-code sample tags as they are placed on the plan, and/or...

  • ..admin staff can click one button to automatically colour-code sample tags based on the lab analysis

  • any plan already saved in the Alpha Tracker project folder (for example, one provided by the client) can be used by the surveyor on-site.

Click to download the updated manual

This update is already live for all users of Alpha Draw - enjoy!

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