Wednesday, 9 March 2022

"Our House" drama mentioned by Martin Lewis on ITV last night - together with another way to protect against property fraud

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis mentioned the ITV drama "Our House" on his ITV show last night (see our blog post from earlier in the week).  The dangers of property fraud are huge and ID theft and email interception/manipulation are often the root cause which is why Alpha Legal is so important to all businesses working in property sales and rental.

Remember that emails are not secure! Asking clients for ID documents or their bank details by email is a recipe for disaster.

Alpha Legal & the Land Registry Property Alerty scheme protect your clients from property fraud

Martin Lewis pointed viewers towards the Land Registry's Property Alert scheme which is free to access and which can alert property owners to any activity (for example, a mortgage application) linked to one of their registered properties.

The Land Registry says that their scheme has prevented more than 400 frauds worth £207 million since 2009.  

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