Thursday, 22 April 2021

New "Tracker Filer" available - great new feature!

The latest version of Tracker Filer is now available for download.

Tracker Filer is an automatic link between your email system and your Alpha Tracker document folders - it is utter genius, even if we say so ourselves!

Tracker Filer has always read the subject line and body of emails to look for quote references or project numbers, but it now also looks in the attachment filenames too - really useful if you're forwarding on a quote, for example, and you forget to put the reference in the email itself.

Here is an example email with a quote attached:

I've cc'd the special Tracker Filer email address as usual (1) but haven't put the quotation reference anywhere in the email itself.  Previously, this would have caused Tracker Filer a problem.  Not now! The updated Tracker Filer can now read the attachment filename (2) and see that the quote is BQ21-0104 and file the email and attachment correctly for you.

If you'd like help to update your system, please do get in touch.

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