Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Countrywide introduce Alpha Legal to their consultants

Our partners at Countrywide Tax & Trust have been introducing and promoting Alpha Legal to their 1000s of consultants across the UK in a special webinar.

We had the chance to watch it too - what a great introduction to the benefits of using Alpha Legal whether you're a will writer, estate planner or solicitor.

Some screen-grabs from the Countrywide Alpha Legal webinar

Some of the benefits that Countrywide showed off were

  • secure requests for ID documents including passports, driving licences & "it's me" videos

  • simple and secure document sharing

  • a fully-branded client portal

  • electronic signatures for one signatory or multiple - so easy to set up and use.
Want to watch the webinar yourself?  Get in touch with Countrywide here.

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