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Alpha Tracker reaches another milestone - software version 4500

Our market-leading asbestos software, Alpha Tracker, has reached another milestone.

We've just made our 4,500th change to the system - really! - adding another new feature requested by our users.

We work on Alpha Tracker daily and each set of changes made (to add features, fix bugs or improve performance) increases the "version number" of the system.  We're now at version 4500, which is pretty incredible given that we only launched Alpha Tracker a few years ago as a major ground-up rewrite of our original asbestos software, Tracker.

Every few months we make a "release" available to our users which batches up a group of changes into an update which clients can then deploy to their system.

The next release will be Release 33.  This follows on the heels of:
Would you like to see anything new in Alpha Tracker?  We love it when our asbestos consultancy or building management clients tell us what they want to see.  Get in touch!


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