Friday, 30 August 2019

Alpha Tracker Release 31 - 200+ improvements for Summer 2019

Release 31 of our asbestos software Alpha Tracker has arrived and is ready for downloading.

It's the update to Release 30 and contains more than 200 improvements, including:

- improved security behind the scenes to protect you and your data

- better, quicker and more accurate mapping

- faster performance on key screens (project list, survey items etc)

- new and improved dashboards

- a new Query Writer tool to help you extract and analyse the data you need.

Here is a quick video to introduce Release 31 to you:

When Kim has finished the notes they will be available here ready for you to read, download, print and keep with your Quality Manual.

Don't forget to give us your ideas for Release 32 which will be coming up later this year - contact us via our website.

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