Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Lovely comments from client - it makes the hard work worthwhile!

We've had a good week for "thank you" emails from software development clients, with two standing out in particular.

The first is from a client using an old ("legacy") Alpha 5 system which we have been supporting & developing over the last year or two:

"Thank you for your support over the past couple of years. We would not have built the control centre to its current state without your knowledge, help & support"

The second is from a client at the end of a long and complex Alpha Anywhere software development project.  The build has taken years and it has not been an easy journey at times, but we are now approaching the final straight.  One of the directors at the client sent us this message on Monday:

"The software is really starting to shine now and I can see the planned benefits being delivered each day"

It's lovely when we get messages like this and it gives the team a real boost. So thanks for saying thanks!

If you have anything to tell us - good or bad - please do get in touch via our website.

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