Friday, 23 September 2016

Robin presents the Cotswold Archaeology tablet app at Alpha Software DevCon 2016

We're working with the UK's leading archaeological consultancy, Cotswold Archaeology, to change the way that field data is collected and to introduce genuine innovation into the industry.

Head of fieldwork at Cotswold Archaeology, Simon Cox, gave us this challenge:
“to build an innovative paperless recording, analysis and archiving system that sets the standard for British archaeological contractors”
We're using our skills with the amazing Alpha Anywhere development platform to create a mobile, offline-capable field app to capture rich data - photos, sketches, text data and more.

All week some of the Alpha developers at Start Software have been at the Alpha DevCon in Boston, USA, and Start Software director Robin Bennett presented to discuss some of the design & build challenges that have been faced during the development.

Robin presenting at Alpha DevCon 2016
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