Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Our 10-year anniversary celebration lunch was pure magic

Our celebration lunch was quite an event today.  And so it should be - it isn't every week that you have chance to gather your work family around you and celebrate a decade of being in business.

It was a lunch of 10s... 10 staff, 10 years of trading as Start Software and a perfect "10" for the food and service at Purnell's in Birmingham.

The icing on the cake (actually, we forgot to have a cake!) was a magical, touching and inspirational performance by master magician Michael Vincent who blew our minds completely.  What a performer and what a warm, passionate and very funny human being.

Robin & Michael outside Purnells

Adam enjoying some chicken!

Kim with her mouth full (please do make up your own joke)

Nice haircut Tom.  Ugandan?

Jack keeping the wine waiter busy

Catherine & Robin enjoying the show

Michael about to make the Purnell's bill disappear (if only!)

Catherine as Mike's glamorous assistant

Dan and Adam - puzzled faces all around

Oliver trying to stop Michael reading his mind

This is Russ's poker face - didn't work though!

Yes, Michael does know what's in your hand Russ

Michael in full flow

What a finale to a brilliant show

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