Friday, 23 September 2016

Alpha Tracker Release 22 announced in Boston - it's truly "Bostin"!

This blog title has to be the worst pun ever - and may not make sense unless you're familiar with a bit of UK slang!  "Bostin" means great see (see and we've announced the summer/autumn 2016 release whilst being at the Alpha DevCon in Boston, USA.

This update is Release 22 (SVN2136) of asbestos software Alpha Tracker and has been made public following the beta testing from our valued beta tester asbestos consultancy customers.

Here's the introductory video for Release 22:

I've picked up on 5 of the main changes in this video but there are plenty more updates, bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the build.

Kim has produced the detailed release notes as usual - ready for you to use to update your Quality Manuals - and these are available here:

Release notes are available online for Alpha Tracker Release 22
We've started the design and build process for Release 23 which will be available later this year.

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