Monday, 9 December 2013

Tracker Dashboard v1.0.181 SVN43 now available

Tracker Dashboard is one of the software modules in the Tracker and Alpha Tracker product family used by asbestos consultancies and asbestos surveyors worldwide.  Tracker Dashboard sends automated, personalised emails to Tracker and Alpha Tracker users with stats, action lists and reminders helping staff to do their jobs efficiently and without needing to run separate spreadsheets and other action lists.

Tracker Dashboard also sends instant alerts emails during the day when events are triggered in the system. For example, the survey admin team might receive an email as soon as a surveyor has uploaded their asbestos data using Tracker Mobile.

The latest version of Tracker Dashboard (v1.0.181 SVN43) is now available.  This release has a new system setting allowing the alerts to be delayed and "batched up" so that users are not bombarded during the day with a constant trickle of alerts.  Instead, the alerts can be set to send only after so many minutes (eg 30 or 60), all in a batch.

Please contact the office as usual if you would like this update.

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