Thursday, 12 December 2013

Alpha Anywhere mentoring - we can help you to develop your own web-based software systems

As Start Software is Alpha Software's UK Professional Partner, we provide support and guidance to a number of UK developers switching to Alpha Anywhere from other development platforms.

For example, we've just started working with a developer wanting us to help him switch a Filemaker application to a web-based Alpha Anywhere system.

Kevin, another new Alpha Anywhere user has just managed to build a fully featured web-based property management system in just two months with our help.  We call this "Alpha Anywhere mentoring" and we're very happy to do it on a daily or hourly rate.

He said "...we have something pretty detailed developed which is taking shape nicely thanks to Alpha's rapid development environment and also the help of Robin and his team at Start Software where I've spent 2 days with them learning more of the environment".

Thanks Kevin - we have enjoyed helping you along the Alpha Anywhere road.

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