Monday, 3 June 2013

New smartphone version of our website now available

If you access our website at on a smartphone you'll now see that shows a "mobile friendly" version of the site.

Mobile-friendly version of

Why do we or any other business need a mobile-friendly version of their web site?  Smartphone screens are just not big enough to show web sites designed for PCs and laptops to their full potential and so smartphone-optimised versions of a site can be really helpful for users accessing the Internet when they are out and about.

We think about the same issues when designing web databases and applications using Alpha Five.  Alpha Five enables us to build web systems quickly and professionally but knowing the target audience (and their likely choice of hardware) is vital when we start a build.  We can design for PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone and although the techniques are similar it is vital we get it right from the start.

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