Friday, 10 May 2013

Tracker user reaches a milestone - 100,000 projects logged

One of the UK's leading asbestos and environmental consultancies clocked up a Tracker milestone this week - 100,000 projects logged.

When I first designed Tracker I thought I'd be long retired and a multi-millionaire by the time anyone "clocked" Tracker - how wrong I was!

Taking license fees, hardware and support into account, Tracker has probably cost our client £1-2 per project, but has saved £10s or even £100s per report in reduced admin costs, quicker report production and increased efficiencies.  Not a bad return on investment.

A few other customers are rapidly approaching the same landmark and so perhaps we need to look at extending Tracker to support 1,000,000 projects?  Surely, I'll be retired by then...!?

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