Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pre-pay programming time in March 2013 and save!

We're offering discounts on programming time if the time is purchased in advance during March 2013.

Pre-book time now and you can make real savings.  The two offers are:
  • "443" - pre-book 4 programming days and you pay for only 3
  • "845" - pre-book 8 programming days and you pay for only 5.
There is no small print - this offer is as good as it looks - but there are a couple of conditions:
  1. you need to accept the invoice in March (you don't need to know specific dates for the programming time, you can keep these "up your sleeve")
  2. you need to pay on strictly 30 day terms with no exceptions
  3. you can only use these offers once.
There is no time-limit to the days pre-purchased.  Once you have pre-booked the time you can call the days off as it suits you.

If you're happy to abide with these two conditions then give Robin a call or drop him an email to take advantage of these money-saving deals.

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