Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tracker Filer v1.0 launched

Tracker Filer is an exciting new module for Tracker which will be of huge benefit to all Tracker customers.

Tracker Filer links your email system and the Tracker project folders.  It works quietly and efficiently reading emails sent to it (at the special email address and then filing the emails and attachments in the appropriate Tracker folder.

How does it know which folder to use?  It reads the email looking for Tracker project numbers! What if it can't find a project number?  It emails you back to ask you which project number to use!

You can even "cc" or "bcc" emails to Tracker Filer - so, for example, when you send an important email to your client with the plan of works for the job, cc trackerfiler@ and the email (and attachments) will be filed for you.

v1.0 is now in beta and is available if you contact the office.  The module price can be found here.

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