Friday, 5 October 2012

Tracker Web Server v1.5.300 SVN18 available

There is a new Tracker Web Server executable available with the following changes:

1 New setting “{client ID} use last report date from Register” – if “Yes” (the default), it uses data from Asbestos Tracker whereas if “No” then it looks at all projects booked into Tracker

2 New setting “Automatically try to push download” – if “Yes” then report documents will auto-download if the user’s browser allows it

3 New setting “{client ID} list projects by project number (Yes) or date (No)?” – if “No”, lists them by report produced date rather than in project number order

4 Various minor bugs fixed when adding new actions

5 Improvement to the audit trail

Please contact the office as usual if you would like this update.

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