Friday, 12 October 2012

Mobile Data Studio "Data Deleter"

Mobile Data Studio has an internal Data Window (looks like a spreadsheet) where data can be stored temporarily.

We use this window for data passing through Mobile Data Studio within our Tracker Mobile product, for example, and it is very important that the Data Window is kept tidy.

In fact, if the number of records in the Data Window grows large (say, > 1000 items) the system may slow down or become unreliable.  There are also some "hard limits" within Mobile Data Studio, one of which being that the Data Window file (the .ppd) cannot ever grow beyond 4GB in size.

To assist customers with large numbers of old records within their Data Windows, we have developed a utility which can delete records based on date at the click of a button.  This utility is called MDS Deleter.

The utility is being made available for free if you contact the support team on

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