Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Estate Agents across the UK are joining Alpha Legal

Estate Agents across the UK are signing up with secure communication service Alpha Legal.

Requesting ID by email is not secure! Estate Agents are still asking for personal and sensitive information by email and Alpha Legal is the easy-to-use & cost-effective solution to this problem.

Meeting clients face-to-face isn't easy - use Alpha Legal instead

If you can't meet your clients in person, how do you check their ID documents (driving licence, passport, bank statements)?  Is it OK to ask your client to take a photo of these documents and send them by email? No! Emails are not secure - you can read more about the risks here.

Alpha Legal solves the security problem for Estate Agents.  Estate Agents use Alpha Legal to request ID from clients moving home.  It's so easy for the client to use, too, even easier than attaching a photo to an email!

In additional, Estate Agents use Alpha Legal to send their terms of business, share draft particulars of sale for approval, even their final invoices! More and more features are being added to Alpha Legal every month.

Alpha Legal subscriptions start at only £10/month with no long-term commitment.  Register in just 60 seconds by clicking this link:

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