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Great feedback from Alpha Legal IFA user - "We were really pleased with the results"

You already know that Alpha Legal is brilliant at capturing & transmitting ID documents securely and easily, but what else can it do for you?

Chris Danks, Chartered MCSI, has just used Alpha Legal to novate his clients across to his new IFA practice.

He's just sent us this summary of his experience using Alpha Legal:

"We used the Alpha Legal software to assist us with securely and safely novating our clients via their E-signature agreement to Countrywide Estate Planning IFA. Given the situation we were in and the worsening pandemic, it was simply not possible to visit clients individually to obtain their client agreements.

The two-step authentication process provided by Alpha Legal ensured the e-signature process was secure and efficient. We are able to track which clients have signed their agreements and those who need to be contacted. The speed of response was critical for us in this challenging time as clients still need servicing. 

We were really pleased with the results having used the Alpha Legal software."

He went on to say that some clients were resistant to using technology (or didn't have a smartphone) but those clients were easy enough to identify and deal with the "old way" with a paper copy of the documentation.  If Alpha Legal makes the job easier for 90% of clients, that's a big win!


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