Friday, 4 December 2020

Alpha Legal improves your cybersecurity - what else can you do?

Our new Alpha Legal product, built for will writers, estate planners, IFAs and solicitors, will massively reduce risk in your business by securing communication between you and your client.

But what else can you do to improve your cybersecurity?  Here are our top tips:

  1.  Make sure your email password is different to all of the others you use.  If a hacker gets into your email, they can change the password on most of your other systems and websites.  So keep that one separate!

    Alpha Legal is the solution to email security issues - it's simple, safe and secure.  Use it and relax!

  2. If you find "random" passwords a pain, try the "3 word password" trick.  Think of passwords that are made up of 3 words that mean something to you, but not anyone else.  For example LightMiniBlue or SimonBeerDarts.  You might have to add a special symbol too, so MouseHatGame$ might be the style to choose.

  3. Most browsers will now offer to store passwords for you to help with Internet shopping, for example.  This is safe so go ahead - and if you log in to your browser first, you'll be able to use different devices (laptop, tablet, phone) and still be able to use the saved passwords.

  4. If an important website offers you "two-factor authentication" or "2FA", use it.  It will mean that you need a password and your phone when logging in.  We use this feature in Alpha Legal to ensure that only your client can access important messages, forms & documents you have shared with them.

  5. Make sure your laptop, tablet and phone are set to auto-update.  Security issues are constantly found and fixed by Microsoft, Google & Apple and keeping your device updated will help to protect you.

  6. Back up your important data! Use a cloud backup service to keep your important files and photos safe in case something happens to your main device.
There is more good advice here - take a look and take action, you won't regret it.

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