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What happens if... read about our backup and "disaster recovery" services for Alpha Tracker

We are often asked "what happens if... a server fails, a virus strikes or - God forbid - hackers try to target an Alpha Tracker server?".  What plans do we have in place to recover a system which has failed?

We take a number of measures to ensure that your data and documents are as safe as they can possibly be.  We only use well-known, professional, secure data centres and we have procedures in place to protect your asbestos software Alpha Tracker information:

- all physical servers have redundant disks ("RAID") to protect data in the event of hardware failure
- virtual servers have daily "snapshots" to copy their information to alternative data stores
- we have backup software in place to copy information continuously from the main server to cloud backup servers in alternative data centres.

On top of these backups, we also use security softwarefirewalls and anti-virus systems to protect servers running Alpha Tracker systems.

Alpha Tracker users are also welcome and encouraged to take their own backups for additional peace-of-mind.

Even with these measures in place, it is possible that a server will become unavailable and we would have to rebuild a server from scratch.  This is a rare event but it does happen and clients suffer downtime while the new server is built.  To improve the service we provide to our clients we have been looking for another solution which would enable us to recover an Alpha Tracker server from a complete failure more quickly than we have previously been able to.

We have now found such a solution and we have it ready to deploy.  This additional backup and disaster recovery solution enables us to take live backups twice a day and have the ability to recreate an Alpha Tracker in 60 minutes or so from a complete failure situation.  This is industry-leading and very reassuring if you are running a busy consultancy as traditional methods needed to recreate servers take considerably longer.

Jess will be contacting each eligible Alpha Tracker user with details of the optional new scheme and how much it will cost.  The benefit is large compared to the relatively small cost - so please do give it your consideration and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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