Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Alpha Tracker development meetings held with New Zealand asbestos consultancies

I'm over in our Adelaide Alpha Tracker office at the moment working with Judy & Leanne.

Alpha Tracker sales & support office (Adelaide, SA)
Yesterday, we had a video conference with a potential partner based in New Zealand.  Their asbestos lab services many of our asbestos consultancies in North & South Island and they had ideas to help Alpha Tracker work more closely with their bespoke lab systems.

Today, we've spent the day with Christchurch-based asbestos expert John Makuru from asbestos specialists AANZ.

John has been working with Alpha Tracker for many years now and has been training other asbestos consultancies to use the asbestos software as well as recommending it to other asbestos labs and consultancies.  Like many Alpha Tracker users, John has some great ideas to improve the system and take it in new directions - watch this space!

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