Thursday, 14 April 2016

Start Software uses Alpha software to help customer with environmental management system audit

We've been providing ad-hoc mentoring for a customer with a management database written in Alpha Software's Alpha Five software development platform.

Yesterday I got a call - their sister company needed help to make a database of PDFs available throughout their organisation in readiness for an environmental audit - could we help?

A remote control session was set up and one hour later... the entire database of PDFs was searchable and accessible via web browser to all of the staff throughout the business.  Very few software development tools are powerful enough to do this sort of development so quickly and Alpha Five (and the newer version, Alpha Anywhere) are the best of breed.

An email from the client popped into my inbox this morning:

"Hello Robin,

Just returned from our sister site having been audited in accordance with their Environmental Management System. Again a great result for the Alpha software and Start Software support. The chemicals database was given full marks. I prepared 2 volumes of hard copy data all captured and retrievable at a glance on the Alpha System.

Thanks for your support this morning."

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