Saturday, 9 April 2016

Alpha app server - important security information & update

Over the last few weeks, a security vulnerability has been identified which has the potential to affect virtually all secure systems running across the Internet.

This vulnerability (known as “DROWN” - see has the potential to allow hackers to access secure data in any system relying on the “SSL” Internet security protocol.  The chances of any DROWN attack are incredibly remote but now that details of the security “hole” have been published we have a duty to inform our customers that Alpha Tracker systems (like any Internet-based software) are potential targets.

We are pleased to announce that the latest versions of the Alpha app server and Alpha Tracker itself are fully protected against DROWN and so updating your systems to the latest release will give you security and peace of mind.  Asbestos consultancy clients can read all about the latest release of Alpha Tracker here.

Please note - if you don’t wish to update your Alpha Tracker software to the February/March 2016 release, we can “patch” your existing system to make it secure instead.

Please contact our help desk for more information and to schedule your updates.

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