Wednesday, 23 September 2015

September 2015 update for Alpha Tracker is now live

Our asbestos software system Alpha Tracker has been updated again with the September 2015 release.

This version (known as SVN1600) has 50 or so new features, performance improvements and bug fixes since the August update.

Two of the most significant improvements are the new "Quick Edit Survey Data" screen focused on making it faster and easier for asbestos survey admin staff to check & fix data and produce the asbestos report:

Alpha Tracker's new "Quick Edit" screen
and new features in the Client Portal including a "site compliance summary":

The Alpha Tracker Client Portal "site compliance summary"
Kim has updated the release notes (you can view them here - scroll down to the bottom of the page) and I've recorded a short video to run through the highlights for you:

We're working hard on the October update for Alpha Tracker and we're at "beta 12" already - keep an eye on the blog to see the new features next month.

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