Friday, 11 September 2015

Busy week! New software updates, new clients, new staff

We've had a busy week with more software updates released for our asbestos software system Alpha Tracker, new clients coming on board and new staff learning the ropes too.

Some of the software updates released this week include:

  • Tracker Upload Manager v1.0.220 SVN45 with improved handling of un-processed data
  • Alpha Tracker Document Maker v1.4.560 SVN111 with new facilities to colour-code table rows and cells in asbestos reports using specific colours as specified by the client
  • Alpha Tracker October 2015 beta 5 with the first new features for the October release ready for our asbestos consultancy beta testers to look at.

Specialist asbestos and environmental consultancy Worcestershire Scientific Services are ready for their admin training now that their asbestos surveyors are trained up to use Tracker Mobile.

Keep an eye on the beta releases this month for a major lab update and more performance improvements especially for staff needing to check and correct data before asbestos reports are produced.

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