Friday, 20 September 2013

We're recruiting again

We're increasing the size of our support and development teams - do you know someone who might be interested?

Job: Customer Support

Our support desk deals with 100 calls for assistance from our customers each week and each call is logged, investigated and responded to with care.  In order to respond in the time-scales set by our customers, we need support staff to be quick-witted, pro-active and able to handle busy times with calm professionalism.  It goes without saying that our support desk staff also need to be good with technology!

The successful applicant will be working with software such as Alpha Anywhere, Mobile Data Studio, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.  They will also learn a great deal about the markets we work in including asbestos surveying (for our Alpha Tracker product).

Job: Apprentice Software Developer

We produce market-leading and award-winning software for a number of industries.  We need more Alpha Anywhere developers urgently to increase the size of our development team.  If are you looking to start a career in software development using tools that can build powerful database-based systems for web and mobile then get do in touch.

For more information, contact Elaine on 0845 612 2402 or via our web site.

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