Saturday, 21 September 2013

7 days of support calls - why do our customers phone?

7 days of support calls at Start Software - 13/9/2013 to 20/9/2013
Why do our customers phone us for help?

Every call to our support line - 0845 612 2402 - is logged and analysed as part of our ISO9001 Quality System and our commitment to customer satisfaction.  Here's the breakdown from last week:

  • a quarter of the calls into the office were requests for modifications to our asbestos software systems, Tracker and Alpha Tracker.  Our customers ask for extra features, new data exports or modified asbestos survey reports - no problem at all
  • one in ten calls were requests for help with general IT problems - not our software at all! We always do our best to help but we do have to prioritise calls which relate to our software systems, naturally
  • five calls last week were reporting software problems but when we tried to to reproduce the problem ourselves, we couldn't.  It really helps us to fix problems if you can show us exactly how to make the problem happen.
In total last week, only 13 calls were actually reports of software "bugs" - errors or unexpected behaviour in our software systems.  That's 13 too many of course and we strive to keep on top of software errors to help you get on with your business as smoothly as possible.

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