Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Andrew Bedwell & Robin finalising communication plans for the Big C Atlantic Challenge

Robin spoke to Andrew yesterday to finalise his communication plans for the Big C Atlantic Challenge world record attempt.

The staff at Start Software are going to be Andrew's communication team, posting his updates on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram when he's away.  Start Software are the main sponsors for the project with their Alpha Tracker and Alpha Portal logos appearing on the boat and sail.

They will also be monitoring the Big C Tracker app (see which they have built to show Andrew's progress across the Atlantic!  You can see a video showing how the app was built here:

The weird thing was that roles were reversed because Robin was on the water when Andrew called... on his paddleboard!

Andrew in St John's, Newfoundland speaking to Robin in Shrewsbury, UK

Stop press! Andrew has called to say that he is hoping to set off this Saturday - 27 May - nearly a week ahead of schedule.  Click to follow Andrew and his updates.

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