Thursday, 16 February 2023

New Wallboard features are on the way - view by Client, by Project, by Project Type... and look further into the future

Tom has just finished some new features in the amazing Alpha Tracker Wallboard.

Wallboard is already a brilliant planning tool - and it's just got better!

The Wallboard shows you data live from your Alpha Tracker diary.  It's a fantastic way to plan and forecast future income for your business.

Tom's latest features are these:
  • group and total by Client, Project or Project Type

  • look ahead 3 months or 6 months or even further if you want to.
The Wallboard is blindingly fast - and can show you totals in working hours or in terms of income to your business.

These new Wallboard features will be available in Alpha Tracker Release 39, coming very soon.

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