Friday, 27 January 2023

Can we help Colette and NORAC with an air monitoring information gathering exercise?

Colette Willoughby has pinged us a question here at Alpha Tracker.


She is gathering information as part of her role at NORAC to see if the absolute requirement for analysts to undress after an asbestos clearance job is always justified and reasonable, based on the risks associated.  Colette has had a long-held and personal interest in protecting vulnerable analysts at work, especially female staff.

We would like to help Colette to gather summarised, anonymous data from Alpha Tracker systems to send to her and help her to understand the number of clearances failing at each stage, and the type of asbestos material being removed.

Please get in touch with Robin if you are happy for your data to be included.  It will be fully anonymised before collating with data from other consultancies.

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