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What happens when a client finds a bug in Alpha Tracker? The answer might surprise you!

Two of our wonderful Alpha Tracker asbestos consultancy clients have found bugs in Alpha Tracker recently.  What happens next when bugs are reported?  The answer might surprise you!

"Thank you"

First, we say thank you.  We spend more than £250,000 each year supporting and developing Alpha Tracker and we test, check and test again each time we produce a new release.  Despite all this effort, some bugs slip through the net and we are so grateful when a client finds and reports the bug to us.

Check impact

Next, we check the impact of the bug at the reporting client and then at all Alpha Tracker users.  If the bug has affected data, we discuss with clients and fix whatever needs fixing.

Find and fix

We then find the root cause of the bug, fix the code, test it carefully, and incorporate it into the next Alpha Tracker release.  We update our Release Notes so that the bug (and the fix) are documented.  If needed, we also make a patch available so that we can update systems even before the next release is made available.

Report and review

We are certified to Quality standards ISO9001 and ISO27001.  This means that our processes are documented and we are regularly assessed to ensure that we are meeting the stringent requirements of these standards.  If a bug is serious and has affected the operation of our clients, we will raise an ISO "non-conformance" report and discuss at our next accreditation visit.

Send a reward!

Finally, and for a bit of fun, we send the person who reported the issue a "bug hunter" t-shirt.  Bug reports are incredibly helpful for us and we want to recognise the contribution of every person and company that takes the time to tell us of a problem.

You can call contact our support desks (in the UK and Australia/New Zealand) 24x7 to report bugs or to ask questions.  Thank you for your continued support and business, we appreciate you!



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