Thursday, 1 December 2022

Milestones, milestones, milestones! We've started our 9,000th job and raised our 70,000th support ticket

In the course of a couple of days this week we reached two milestones here at Start Software.

We've raised our 9,000th job, and our 70,000th customer support ticket.  Feels like it too, we've been especially busy all year.

Our 9,000th piece of work is pretty typical for us.  It's for a client we've been working for since 2006 - most of our customers become partners over time.  We work hard to build long-standing relationships with our clients.

The job itself is just a small software change to the business management system that we created for them more than 16 years ago.  It has grown as they have grown.  When we implemented it, they were a two-person company.  They now have more than 200 staff!

Support ticket #70,000 was a bug that one of our users found in one of our apps, Alpha Tracker Mobile.  Did you know that we want our users to report bugs and that we even send a thank you present to everyone that does?  Get in touch if you think you've found one!

Thank you to all of our clients, old and new - we appreciate you, your business and your trust in us.

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