Thursday, 6 October 2022

Inspirational! We are sponsoring Andrew Bedwell's "Big C Atlantic Challenge" world record attempt

Want to be inspired?  Take a look at Andrew Bedwell's Big C Atlantic Challenge

It's an incredible story of a British adventurer attempting to cross the Atlantic ocean in the smallest boat ever.  It is 3'3" long - yes, you read that right, it's just over 1m.  About the size of a large suitcase.  Incredible!

We've decided to sponsor Andrew's Big C boat and our donations will be used to buy some of the electronics that Andrew will be using during his 90-day unsupported crossing.

Here at Start Software we try to be the best.  We want our software - Alpha Tracker, Alpha Legal and others - to lead their fields and we want our staff to be inspired to do the best they can, each and every day they come to work.  That's the first reason we decided to get involved; we hope that a bit of Andrew's energy and determination rubs off on all of us.

The second reason is that the Big C Atlantic Challenge is all about fund-raising for cancer charities, and several members of the team have been touched by cancer in recent years.  It's such an important cause.

Catherine & I got to meet Andrew on Saturday to see the Big C boat.  It's an impressive achievement already, and that's before he's even set off!

Catherine & Andrew chatting

Andrew & Robin shaking hands on the sponsorship deal

We'll be posting regularly as Andrew refines Big C and puts it through sea trials.

Follow Andrew on Facebook or Instagram.

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