Saturday, 6 August 2022

Release 38 of Alpha Tracker is a monster! 600 improvements to enjoy

Welcome to this monster update of asbestos software Alpha Tracker - Release 38! It's the biggest update we've ever produced, with more than 600 new features, performance updates and bug fixes.

Here's a 10-minute video to run through the most important changes - it's worth a watch:

(you can also watch the video here:

The six highlights are:

  1. Much faster login - it will be half the normal time, typically

  2. A new favourites bar for quick access to the features you use the most

  3. Sample barcodes and improved chain of custody

  4. Instant quotes (you'll need to ask us to enable this - it needs a quick template change)

  5. A smoother invoicing process from start to finish

  6. Map scheduling - perfect for busy consultancies doing lots of domestic surveying.
Kim's release notes are live here:  You'll also find a highlights document so that you don't need to read all of the notes to find the best new features!
The new highlights document - a one-pager that's worth reading

Hope you enjoy the update and the hard work the team have put in to get it ready.  

If you need help or have any questions, get in touch 24x7 (UK or Aus/NZ).

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