Friday, 19 August 2022

Ever wonder how important being asbestos-safe actually is? Read about a day in the life of Jo Hargrave, Clinical Nurse Specialist

We can all get blasé about working in and around the asbestos industry.  

Developing software for the asbestos industry (we have been market leaders for nearly 20 years now - see here) puts us at a distance from the people working directly with the material or those affected by it. We very rarely come into contact with asbestos and almost never meet sufferers of asbestos-related diseases.

This is why our connection with Mesothelioma UK is so important.  They support patients, families, and even provide nurses to deliver treatment and support on the ground.  

Jo Hargrave, Clinical Nurse Specialist

I spotted this blog post on the Meso UK website about "Meso Jo" Hargrave, Clinical Nurse Specialist.  It's absolutely worth a read to understand how she and her colleagues help patients day-to-day.  NHS staff working with Mesothelioma are delivering invaluable patient care in difficult circumstances and with limited resources.  We support all that Jo and other nurses working nationwide are doing.

The whole Alpha Tracker asbestos software development team is visiting Mesothelioma UK HQ on Monday to learn more about what they do and to see how we can help them to deliver the services they provide.  We're looking forward to it!

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