Monday, 4 April 2022

New asbestos report feature! Automatically add *hyperlinks within reports* to jump between sample pages and registers

Adam has just completed a brand new feature that is available to all Alpha Tracker asbestos consultancy users.

When your report is generated, we can now automatically create internal hyperlinks to allow report readers to jump between an item shown on a sample page, and the same item shown in the asbestos register - and vice-versa!

See our new report hyperlinks in action

This will be really useful for clients reading long asbestos reports, in particular.  Navigation between sections in the report will be so much easier and quicker.

In these screenshots you can see the hyperlinks in a little more detail:

Here's an asbestos register with the items shown as hyperlinks...

...and here is the sample page.  Jump back and forth with one click!

If you would like us to modify your report templates to make use of the feature, just get in touch! (Aus/NZ or UK)

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