Thursday, 14 October 2021

Alpha Legal integration with TrustID for ID document verification - now live!

Further to our recent blog (read here), we're delighted to announce that our integration with ID document verification specialist TrustID is now live.

This means that you can now securely request ID documents from your client and verify them via TrustID (or not!) all within Alpha Legal.

Alpha Legal makes it easy to verify your client's ID

The process is really easy:
  1. Send an ID document request form to your client

  2. They use their phone and our simple form to send the documents back to you

  3. You export to TrustID and wait for notification that the TrustID report is ready:

    Export the ID form to TrustID - they will send their report as soon as it is ready

The cost of the ID verification check is currently just 25 credits (as little as £1/check).  This introductory pricing may increase so it's a good time to try out the feature.

Want to know more?  Go to and ask our Support Bot any question you like!

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