Tuesday, 16 March 2021

No more blurry ID photos! Alpha Legal checks them for you

Are you fed up with clients sending you blurry photos of their driving licence or passport?

Or perhaps they send you photos without the important serial numbers showing in full?

What a waste of time this can be! Alpha Legal has the solution.

Alpha Legal checks the uploaded photos completely automatically

If your client's photo of their ID document (typically a driving licence or passport) isn't good enough, they will be prompted to retake it before sending.  For example:
  • if the photo is blurry

  • if they have used the wrong document

  • if they have "cut off" the important driving licence number or passport number, or

  • if their date of birth doesn't match what they have entered.
What a time-saver for you and your client.

Another problem solved with Alpha Legal: easy, safe and secure.


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