Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Alpha Tracker Release 33 - the "AI" release - is now available

We've been hard at work adding extra features to our asbestos software platform, Alpha Tracker.

Release 33 is now available with more than 450 new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.  Yes, more than 450!!  In this release, we've focused on "AI" powered features adding intelligence and convenience to many parts of the system including:

  • a vastly improved experience for the lab when using the new fibre analysis features

  • a completely rewritten quotation sub-system with improved graphics and follow-up workflow

  • immediate, intelligent data checks on asbestos data submitted by asbestos software from the field helping you get your asbestos reports right first time!  

Alpha Tracker's redesigned quotation sub-system

Release 33 is the update to Alpha Tracker Release 32 which was made publicly available back in the Spring.

Keep an eye on the blog for the video introducing the new features and the full set of release notes.  They should both be available in the next few days.

Release 34 is now underway and is the "cloud release" with more features linking Alpha Tracker to the cloud for document storage and improved editing of reports and other documents.

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