Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Alpha Legal protects clients from identity theft - read how Start Software's Alpha Legal system protects your clients, your business and your reputation

Our new Alpha Legal service is aimed squarely at companies who need to see copies of identity documents from clients (eg passports, driving licences, bank statements) in order to do business with them.

Does this sound like your business?  Are you a solicitor, will writer, accountant, IFA, car leasing business or estate agent?

If you ask your client to email you a scan or photo of an ID document you are putting them at risk of identity theft.  Emails are not secure.  This puts your business at risk of being sued, as you asked the client to send the email.  And don't forget the potential of GDPR claims or the risk to your business reputation!

Don't believe us?  Click to read this from credit scoring giant Experian.  In their opinion, it's the second-highest risk! 

There is an easy solution.  Alpha Legal enables you to send secure requests to clients for copies of their identity documents.  The documents are sent in a format which cannot be intercepted.  Safe for them, safe for you.  And only £2/client.

Ready to sign up?  Go to to get your free subscription and the first five ID checks for free and with no obligation.

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