Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Camera zoom now fully supported in our asbestos field data capture system, Tracker Mobile

Tracker Mobile, our field asbestos data capture system running on Android & Apple smartphones & tablets, now fully supports camera zoom.

Asbestos surveyors working on their handheld devices can use the zoom features built into the cameras to take more detailed "close up" photos for use within Alpha Tracker's automated asbestos reports.

Each surveyed item can be linked to up to two photos enabling surveyors to capture an image "stood back" in the room, and then another closer up.  With the latest smartphones having zoom cameras supporting up 10x optical zoom, this feature will really help to improve the quality of asbestos reports for clients.

PS At the time of writing this blog post, Tracker Mobile has captured more than 30,000,000 items of asbestos data - more than any other asbestos system worldwide

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