Friday, 11 January 2019

More asbestos surveyors trained to use asbestos software Alpha Tracker

Kim has been on site again this week with two asbestos consultancies helping to train new asbestos surveyors to use our asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

Another 15 asbestos surveyors are now live with our site asbestos data capture system, Tracker Mobile, enabling them to:

- load up their asbestos survey jobs from home onto their smartphone or tablet

- read project documentation, method statements and check plans before attending site

- complete their risks assessment before starting work

- capture data about asbestos samples and non-suspect items together with photos and notes

- send the asbestos data, photos and plan from site back to the server ready for the samples to be analysed and the asbestos report produced.

Can we help your asbestos consultancy to remove paperwork from your business or swap from another system?  We offer special discounts to users of other systems so get in touch now!

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