Friday, 21 December 2018

Another asbestos consultancy chooses Alpha Tracker - welcome LAANZ!

It's lovely to end the year with another Alpha Tracker asbestos software order.

This time it is Auckland (New Zealand) based asbestos consultancy LAANZ who has researched the market and has chosen to have Alpha Tracker as their asbestos management software.

LAANZ are WorkSafe New Zealand licensed asbestos assessors having proven their abilities with industry qualifications and many years of experience in the industry.  Specifically, LAANZ work in these areas of asbestos management:

  • Issuing clearance certificates
  • Management surveys
  • Refurbishment surveys
  • Demolition surveys
  • Air monitoring
  • Management plans
  • Asbestos awareness courses
  • Asbestos Removal Guidance
Improving the efficiency of surveying for asbestos is at the heart of Alpha Tracker:
  1. Before the survey, you can log calls and other contacts, generate quotes and plan work
  2. When the asbestos surveyor is on site, they will have access to the Tracker Mobile data collection app enabling data, plans and photos to be captured on smartphone and tablet
  3. Back in the asbestos lab, the results are recorded and auto-entered into the survey report
  4. The asbestos report is generated with one-click!  It is produced in your format, too, not ours
  5. The report is then viewable and shareable via the built-in Alpha Tracker Client Portal
  6. To wrap up the job, you can generate an invoice automatically and post to Sage, Xero or other accounts packages.

Welcome LAANZ to the Alpha Tracker asbestos software family!


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