Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Our client Cath Tate to appear on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour

To quote Cath Tate's website... "Witty, gritty, right on, switched on, political, ethical, sceptical, poetical and just plain funny."  and I couldn't agree more! We've been the software developers at Cath Tate for longer than I care to remember and this is a perfect summary of them and their greeting card design, wholesale and retail business.

Cath herself has been working on The Inking Woman, a project which began as an exhibition at the Cartoon Museum in London and now has resulted in a new book by Cath and Nicola Streeten.  

Catch Cath and Nicola talking about the project on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour on Wednesday 28 March at 10:00.  We'll be listening!

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