Tuesday, 26 September 2017

UKAS accreditation and Alpha Tracker

We're often asked about UKAS accreditation and how Alpha Tracker fits in, so I thought I'd blog a few random thoughts. Whatever situation your asbestos consultancy is in with regard to UKAS, I hope this post helps!

Most of our asbestos consultancy clients using Tracker or Alpha Tracker are UKAS accredited, but not all.  Indeed, sometimes the main reason a non-accredited surveyor has for buying a software package is to become more organised and improve quality with the specific aim of becoming accredited.

UKAS themselves have to be completely impartial and individual UKAS assessors will never state which (if any) software package they prefer.  There are some useful links here if you want to learn more about why impartiality is crucial to UKAS:

If you are UKAS accredited, what can you expect from us here at Start Software? Well, for new Alpha Tracker clients we offer to attend site (for free) to be on hand for the first UKAS visit post-implementation.  Typically we don't have to say a word but it can be a comfort to know we are there, on site, just in case.

For long-standing Alpha Tracker users, the most important aspect of what we do is to assist with keeping our client's Quality documentation updated when our software changes.  We never push updates to our clients - instead we tell users when software updates are available and always post detailed release notes at the same time so that it is easy to spot changes which may affect the way that your business operates.  This is costly and time-consuming for us but is essential for our UKAS-accredited Alpha Tracker clients.

You can see the Alpha Tracker release notes here http://www.start-software.com/tracker/alpha-tracker/:

Alpha Tracker Release Notes
If you have any questions about how our asbestos software Alpha Tracker can help you with your UKAS accreditation, please do get in touch.  We'll always do our best to help.

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