Friday, 9 June 2017

Oracle Solutions asbestos consultancy switches to Alpha Tracker

We're really pleased that Oracle Solutions has joined the Alpha Tracker family!

Kim met the asbestos professionals at Oracle this week for their training session.  Oracle Solutions has the experience and accreditations to provide any asbestos service, for any situation, nationwide.

Here are some of Kim's photos from the training session:

Tracker Mobile can be used on tablets or smartphones

You can have any number of asbestos surveyors working at the same time

Plans can be drawn on paper on a tablet

Oracle's asbestos professionals are full of experience and knowledge

Upload data from site via WiFi or mobile data

Use Alpha Tracker in your lab, too

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  1. Well this is news. Thanks for sharing this with us. And i hope every thing goes smoothly from here. Really like the pictures here also. Good post.