Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Start Software helps Brisbane-based Forcecor with Alpha Anywhere software development

Specialist Alpha Anywhere developers at Start Software (Telford, UK Adelaide, Australia) have been working with infrastructure consultants Forcecor (Brisbane, Australia) since November 2016 to develop an innovative software solution for bridge inspections.

The software incorporates desktop and mobile apps (including offline working, photo capture and mapping) to automate much of the data collection, analysis and report production process in this highly complex and specialised field.

Start Software director Robin Bennett (left) meets Forcecor director Mark de Hayr (right)
Yesterday the directors from both companies met in person for the first time on Queensland's stunning coast to discuss the project as it nears completion.

Forcecor offer a range of specialist products, services & training in a range of areas including bridge inspection, stormwater drainage, road safety audits and asset management plans.

Forcecor's excellent and informative website
Contact Mark de Hayr at Forcecor for more information or Robin Bennett at Start Software.

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