Friday, 18 March 2016

February/March 2016 update to Alpha Tracker

We've updated our asbestos software Alpha Tracker again... and we can now talk to Xero!

The Feb/Mar Alpha Tracker update (known as SVN1900) for the leading software for asbestos consultancies is mainly a performance and bug-fix update but we've also managed to squeeze in more then 30 new features too.

This update has been thoroughly tested by our beta test user group.  It follows on from the January 2016 update released 6 weeks ago.

Some of the key new features to look out for:
  • Xero integration so you can post Alpha Tracker invoices direct to Xero
  • add write-up time to a surveyor's calendar with one-click
  • view a new colour-coded Project Dashboard
  • view data extracts more easily and download to Excel with one-click
  • add QC points to the lab dashboard for better analyst point calculations.
As usual, we have a full set of release notes available to list all of the enhancements and changes. You can view them by clicking on the image below and scrolling towards the bottom of the page:

February/March 2016 Alpha Tracker update release notes

I have also produced a short YouTube video to run through the key changes (click to play):

You need the very latest version of the Alpha App Server on your system in order to deploy this update so please do contact us before installing so we can double-check that you are set-up and ready to take advantage of all of the new features.

Let us know what else you'd like to see in Alpha Tracker to ensure that it remains the best asbestos software system available for asbestos surveys and asbestos consultancies!

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